LotRO: Questing in the North Downs: Aiding the Residents

Get Down in the North Downs
Get Down in the North Downs

The North Downs is one of the largest areas currently live in Lord of the Rings Online. This week Martuk takes a look at some of the outlying quests in this land that players sometimes overlook. The residents of Amon Raith, Mincham's Camp, and Gatson's Farm provide players with multiple opportunities to battle the orc and goblin incursions into the North Downs.

There are many people in need of aid in the North Downs. Mincham's camp and Amon Raith lie on the outskirts of the Fields of Fornost and Gatson's Farm sis in the center of Kingsfell. Each area provides adventurers with ample opportunity to obtain work to earn funds and experience by battling the orcs and goblins incurring on the North Downs.

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