Guild Wars: Meet Rebel Rising

Rebels rising up in power and notoriety.

Rebels rising up in power and notoriety.

The latest Guild Wars special feature is a Guild Interview with Rebel Rising [rawr], the guild which won three monthly automatic tournaments in 2007. Join them for a discussion of the guild and PvP tactics.

Rebel Rising [rawr] became the first guild to win three monthly Automatic Tournaments (ATs) in the Guild Wars $100,000 Tournament Series, taking their third monthly AT in December, after winning back-to-back in August and September. Shortly after their latest victory, members of [rawr] sat down to talk about their guild. Present at the interview were: Awowa, Polly, Torsen, Hexen, Scotty, Three Pounds, and Snuff. Lego later contacted me to add some additional insights.

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