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Game Over Podcast #10 - Search for the Number Ten

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They've made it to the X in RadarX as they hit their tenth broadcast of Game Over! Ten Ton Hammer personalities RadarX and Coyote hit several topics with this latest podcast.

* The Agency - SOE's Spy/FPS/MMO - Building bridges and linking genres, will this be the greatest MMO ever? Yes. Yes it will.

* Taxing Gamers - A proposed tax bill is trying to slap gamers with a 1% tax on all video games in order to make us pay for the violence we cause by...sitting on the couch and playing video games.

*Morality - Call of Duty 4 allows you to kill people who aren't Nazis and this has some gamers outraged. Should we be able to kill people who aren't generic bad guys in video games? Won't someone think of the Nazis?

* The New Resident Evil Movie - Straight to DVD doesn't always mean "horrible movie in a Walmart Bargain Bin". Join us as we discuss the new and upcoming CGI release from the bestestest zombie series ever.

RadarX: The only concern I have with The Agency is the first person, it looks to be reaching very much for the Halo crowd. I like FPS and you like FPS but...

Coyote: You can't say it's reaching towards the Halo crowd because it's first person shooter. Halo is the most well known because of all the 14 year old Counterstrike rejects out there. FPS's go way beyond Halo, you've got F.E.A.R, Call of Duty, and the original Medal of Honor.

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