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Sins of a Solar Spymaster #70 - Crucible Winners and Losers - Page 2

Posted Tue, Nov 22, 2011 by The Mittani

*Drone Region Botters: There is a particular anomaly in the Drone Regions that has been exploited to vomit forth a ludicrous amount of isk. This has been fixed in Crucible, unleashing a deafening howling on the forums. This demonstrates the danger of allowing exploits to remain in the system for so long: players become attached to them, and a feeling of entitlement develops.


Some people feel that the CSM is too powerful following the prioritizing of Crucible features list.

*CSM Deniers: Most of the types who whine about the CSM being a toothless PR stunt have now, after seeing Crucible, switched to accusing the CSM of being too powerful - which is a novelty. The Crucible features list  explicitly prioritizes CSM6’s agenda, and I’m pretty smug about it.

*The Naive: The incremental nerfs to supercaps won’t end their stupidity. Mass groups of supercaps can still operate without support, using supercarriers with webs to slow down anything tackling a group of Titans, and letting Titan guns finish them off. Until supercapitals are given completely noncombat roles, mudflation will still rule the day in nullsec, and alliances will continue to churn out Titans as fast as they can. At a bare minimum, Titan gun tracking needs a significant nerf beyond Crucible, or prevent them from targeting subcaps altogether.

Similarly, there are a host of hisec dwellers who have convinced themselves that the reason gankers kill them is because of a profit motive, rather than the sheer joy of cruelty. In the run-up to Crucible there have been a host of self-congratulatory posts by the victims of the Interdiction Zone suggesting that the insurance nerf will end ganking. Yet after the patch they will discover that gankers kill not because of a desire to make isk, but for its own sake; a new Hulkageddon will begin after the patch, insurance be damned.


*Logistics Ships: Unquestionably the biggest winners of Crucible. In addition to a warp speed bonus and a slot setup that renders the Oneiros, almost every major feature in Crucible conspires to make the lives of Space Priests easier. Time Dilation will make it easier to react during large battles. Doomsdays - which often targeted Logistics ships in major fights - will no longer destroy them, or the Command Ships which provide bonuses to remote repair. Those bonuses will themselves be boosted by the introduction of T2 Gang Links.

Avoiding Bankruptcy

Crucible could redeem CCP in the eyes of many angry players.

*Dreadnoughts: Players have long called for the siege cycle to be reduced to match the triage cycle; at last Crucible brings it to five minutes. Dreadnaught DPS is also increasing with the introduction of a T2 Siege Module. Dreads have been mothballed during the heyday of Supercapitals Online, with the siege timer leaving them too vulnerable; expect to now see them undocking and looking for vengeance.

*Organized Alliances: Time Dilation will provide a boost to alliances that have their logistics organized. In a situation where a laggy battle slows a node to a crawl, the faster an alliance can send reinforcements of proper ships into the dilated node, the more likely they are to win. Alliances which stock fitted ships on contracts will have an advantage over those that expect their pilots to buy and fit ships individually off the market.

*Small Gangs: With the removal of subcapital Doomsdays and Supercarriers only able to field fighters instead of smaller drones, small gangs can get back to roaming without being obliterated whenever a cyno pops. This should help restore small-scale PvP across EVE, as roams will have to be countered by subcap defense fleets rather than ten unsupported Titans.

*CCP: Not going bankrupt - and having some good press for a change - will shift CCP’s narrative from ‘hubris-glutted company crashes and burns due to a series of awful decisions’ to a feel-good redemptive tale where CCP learns the error of their ways and get ‘the girl’ back - where ‘the girl’ is their legions of irate, unsubbed customers.

Who are mostly boys.

And ugly.


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