WoW Burning Crusade Q&A

Posted Mon, Dec 12, 2005 by LadySirse

WoW: The Burning Crusade At CVG
Are they on fire or something?
got a chance to drill the mind of Shane Dabiri about the upcoming expansion
for World of Warcraft.
Who is Shane Dabiri? Find out:

What are you currently working on at the moment in the expansion?
Shane Dabiri: As lead producer on the World of Warcraft team, I'm currently
undertaking the exciting task of dividing and focusing our resources on the
development of both the expansion set and on the continuing content development
for the current game. This should help us streamline our efforts for 2006.
What percentage of the content is geared toward players of all levels, and
what percentage to only level 60 (and above with the level cap increase) characters?
Shane Dabiri: As is traditional with MMO expansions, a large portion of the
content will be geared toward characters in the range between the current
maximum and new maximum levels, starting at around level 55. However, we do
also plan to add content to better tie in the new races to the world, so players
who choose to start as one of the new races will experience a great deal of
new content up to about level 20.

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