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Posted Tue, Dec 13, 2005 by LadySirse

Almost To Beta...
got a glimpse of Aventurine's MMO Darkfall:

Darkfall is an interesting endeavor from Greek-based Aventurine, which brought
aboard the original Norwegian developers, Razorwax. Currently approaching
beta, it takes place in a world called Agon that will offer six diverse playable
races aligned in three groups. Humans, Dwarves and the elven Mirdain make
up one. Orks and the Mahirim wolf-men comprise another, while the Alfar are
friendless pariahs.

Why is it that Elves, Humans and Dwarves are always in the same Alliance? If
it was me, I would choose Orks to be on my side. They are crazy mean!


Players that logged into Darkfall: Unholly Wars today found an unintended change following the update.

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