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Single Player Pick #6 - Call of Duty

If you are a fan of the first person shooter and enjoy epic explosions and gunfire during your single player experience then look no further than Call of Duty. The third and newest installment in the Modern Warfare series, MW3 is everything a shooter should be and it really shines in the single player campaign mode. Here players get right into the action shooting down enemies and detonating explosions along the way and the best part is that it all feels eerily real at times. 

Need more proof that this game is the real deal when it comes to fun? MW3 grossed over 400 million on launch, making it the largest entertainment launch of all time. All games in the call of duty franchise provide a plot that is truly bigger than life that takes place in epic settings such as Germany, Iraq, Russia, and Cuba. For those of you looking for a little more blood shed in your life, CoD is the single player game for you.

Single Player Pick #7 - The Sims

I know there will be at least a few people who are upset by the additon of The Sims on this list, but consider this; The Sims franchise is literally the best selling franchise in the history of gaming. You just can’t argue with those statistics. So despite the outrage it may inspire, The Sims has made my top 10 list. 

A strategic life-simulation game published by Electronic Arts in the Sims you control the lives of one or more virtual persons. These Sims do everything…literally. They grow up, get married, have affairs, and get jobs where they can earn promotions. There aren’t many goals to achieve in The Sims, except to express your own personal creativity. With The Sims Maxis has offered us one of the most fulfilling sandboxes ever seen and easily appeals to even the most reluctant gamer.

Single Player Pick #8 -Tetris

Who doesn’t love Tetris? Tetris is almost as old school as it gets when it comes to puzzle video games. Created by Alexey Pajitnov Tetris was the first software to be exported from the USSR to the U.S. and has been a roaring success since. Available for almost every platform imaginable if you haven’t heard of Tetris you truly have been living under a rock.

The point of the game you ask? Fit the crazy colored and shaped blocks together and try your hardest not to let them hit the top. While this sounds like a simple task it is much harder than it seems, and addictive to boot. Thanks to it’s addictive nature I can credit Tetris to be one of the original games that managed to keep me up past my bed time. Almost 30 years later, Tetris still feels as new as it did then.

Single Player Pick #9 - Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto, or as it is more commonly called GTA, is one of those single player games that makes parents hide their children behind them and causes your grandma’s heart to skip a beat when mentioned. Developed mostly by the folks at Rockstar North, in this game players are taken into the heart of major cities where they have a chance to take on the role of a rough and tough criminal. Players can advance up the ranks completing various missions to do so along the way.

Filled with car jacking, street racing, hookers, drugs, and more violence than you can shake a stick at, GTA is good old fashioned dirty fun. As if that list of goodness wasn’t enough to sweeten the deal players will find that GTA grants a large amount of freedom to the player allowing them to make various choices as to how they want to progress as they continue through the game leaving room for a new experience every time you play the game.

Single Player Pick #10 - Mortal Kombat

Fight! You know a game is a success when they base a series of movies on it. Seriously though, Mortal Kombat is everything a fighting game should be; chock full of blood and violence which is why this is the only game (at least when it comes to the newest version) not available for PC that you will find on my list. Taking place in a fictional universe players in the single player story mode must help win Mortal Kombat in order to save Earthrealm. To do this they must defeat a series of opponents that gain difficulty as the game goes on.

While blood and violence are enough to sell me on any game Mortal Kombat has more in its compelling story line and diverse and often crazy characters that you must ally with or fight against along the way. Not ready to revert back to the past? No problem! In 2011 a brand new Mortal Kombat was released that not only captures the spirit of the original but also manages to feel refreshingly new at the same time. With its fatalities and other specialty moves and other secrets to discover Mortal Kombat is a thrill ride of awesomeness that no one should miss out on.

What are your favorite single player games? Share them with us in the comment section below!

Cant believe CoD made it on here..did they pay you to say it was good? It's just a copy and paste from all the old games with nothing new or exciting brought to fps besides more dumb-downed games for all the simple folk of America to be satisfied with

No Fallout 3??? WTF?????

Agreed, and we get fekkin Tetris in there??

I'm mystified !!

i agree fallout 3 REALLY need to be on this list

Agreed, and most of the games mention there are not even RPG....

You forget that CoD isn't MW3.

Your forget that mw3 is part of CoD series

WoW is a part of the Warcraft series,
Zelda series
Fallout series

Shall I continue?

Your last comment is irrelevant to what I have said. Fallout series,Zelda series have nothing to do with CoF being on a list recommended for viewers.

Except that you're OBVIOUSLY not getting my point here :)

And clearly your not getting mine

acctually MW3 is apart of modernwarfare set that derivers from cod 4

You forget mw3 is part of CoD series

You forget that CoD isn't MW3.

Yes this is a terrible list. Seems like someone is not a gammer at all. Diablo 3, CoD, Tetris? Really Tetris is a top 10 games for WoW fans? With a list like this. I am glad I am not a WoW fan.

I was hoping for a list of games that plays like WoW - but was disappointed. This feels more like "hey, see what games I like to play".

I was hoping for a list of games that plays like WoW - but was disappointed. This feels more like "hey, see what games I like to play".

What that dude said... yup!

really if you were looking for games like WoW shldn't you just look up MMORPG's that don't suck?, or if your not looking for MMO's something to the effect of third person RPG games.
some games that shld make it onto a list like this:

Mass effect (series)
Fallout 3, and new vegas (1 and 2 were more RTS)
Fallen Earth
Borderlands (2)
witcher (2)
Hellgate London
Dragon Age (orogins)
Neverwinter nights (2)
fable (3)
Diablo (series and iffy)
Baulder gate (series, iffy)
Oblivion (modded it can do anything :D)
Skyrim (again with mods it can do anything)
The proper Starcraft or warcraft map can get a little bit like WoW, but never really covers the immersion.

brackets were used to indicate multiple and i din't feel like writing multiple. Mainly just RPG's that have some level of immersion. the other guys list didn't really have any RPG components.

Honestly, not a very well thought out article.

Yes. A great alternative to WoW is Tetris.
"Oh no. No no no no no. It's not just a great alternative... it's alternative number eight!"
"Yes. It is indeed better than Mortal Kombat and Grand Theft Auto."

Wait, is that Emacs tetris?

lol stfu u noobs b4 i slap you

Is this aimed at wow fans or just some D'bagz list of games he likes

no name to reckoning...what d f!!!!

I think it's pretty clear that who ever made this list has absolutely NO IDEA what they are talking about, StarCraft isn't an RPG it falls into the RTS category(Same with 'Age of Empires'). COD only belongs on/in two things; the garbage and the laziest game cash-in ever. The Sims is made by EA games so it should be avoided for your wallets sake. Tetris isn't very much fun, and if you look past some of the very few innovations Skyrim has made you'll find that it's pretty generic, not to mention that the environment is as dull and boring as COD is in general.

stfu u nerdy-talkin little freak! u hav absolutely no fkin idea wut ur tlkin about so save us all the headache and go fk urself!! Skyrim is one of the most popular and played games of the century. rite beside minecraft!! noob

Single player games for RPG fans and some of them have nothing to do with the RP element. Tetris? GTA? Call of Duty??? I was hoping this would put me through to some really good games I may not have played before.

Ah well, I'll suggest one in case any readers here haven't tried it yet. Neverwinter Nights for PC.

aye NWN aswell as the Baldur's Gate series are great RPGs.


Well that was all disappointing. Was expecting to see some good suggestions.

What about Final Fantasy? Or Dragon Age?

Where the hell is Mass Effect, Fallout, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Oblivion, KoA, Borderlands, Assassin's Creed, hell, even Pokemon? I'd rather play Guitar Hero than Tetris if WoW was unavailable. Dafuq is this list? COD?! Really? Your serious? *facepalm*

hey you guys need to stfu about cod it was one of the best games ever created you whiny little bitches if it wasnt for cod most of the so called good games we have now would not even exist

Leaving your terrible grammar aside, we do NOT have CoD to thank for ANYthing beyond the rash of boring, stupid, artless FPS games that now dominate the market, designed to sell PS3's and 360's to meathead douchebags who find Pacman too "story driven".

And as for this list, "10 single player games for RPG fans", what a waste of time. WoW itself only JUST qualifies as a RPG, and anyone who thinks Tetris is a worthy substitute should have their head examined. Please, please... PLEASE... whoever wrote this, if you're reading, put 10 minutes more thought into the next "list", maybe even just do 5 things in it, but whatever you do, find some relevance. Please.

Even Pokemon could have gone on the list over CoD. I mean, seriously.

Admitted putting CoD in a list for WoW players is an epic fail but there is nothing wrong with CoD, just hear me out.
I copied this from wikipedia since i am to lazy to search for these things myself: all of Duty won "Game of the Year" for 2003 from several reviewers. It was the recipient of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences 2004 "Game of the Year" award, defeating games including Command & Conquer: Generals, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, Postal², and Rise of Nations. The game also received "Computer Game of the Year" and "Computer First Person Action Game of the Year", and was nominated for "Outstanding Innovation in Computer Gaming", "Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition", and "Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design" in the Interactive Achievement Awards.

It was also nominated for "Best Game" at the 2004 Game Developers Choice Awards. While it did not receive that award, it did win Infinity Ward the "Rookie Studio of the Year". Chuck Russom was also presented with the "Excellence in Audio" award for his work on the game.

Review website IGN rated the game 9.3 out of 10, with reviewer Dan Adams saying "You have to love a game that glues you to your seat and keeps you interested... A thrilling piece of software that action fans should grab a hold of and love fiercely." His only negative critique was on the short length of the game, which many reviewers pointed out.

TLDR:the game CoD rocked, especially for the time when they released it, but the recent releases are epic failures...
And please don't use foul language like that, you aren't a twelve year are you (or someone with internet Tourette syndrome...)?

I'm with the Majority here. A list of replacments for a RPG should be RPG's I fail to see how many of these games made your list regardless of weather they were good games. I believe Staggy's list wich he put togeather most likely on the spot while making the comment to be a far better list. I was hopping to see a few names of obscure non mainstream games that could be good to play. At last though i find myself wondering if i should even give this game from dust a try since the rest of your article is so inaccurate and poorly thought out.

In addition to the complaints that half of these games have no RPG qualities, i'd like to point out that Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty, and Starcraft are heavily multiplayer focused games.

A list of AAA titles and series is not terribly useful to the general public. I'd recommend for your next article searching out some less well known games. Games like Valkyria Chronicles, Braid, Limbo, Tell Tales's Walking Dead series, or Shadow Complex might have slipped under the radar. Everyone who likes RPGs knows about Skyrim and Diablo.

Oh. And the guy who thanks "you, writer for writing like a nice article" and then drops 3 different links is obviously a spammer. Might want to work on your filter.

Yes, we definitely lookin' at "the sh3t i play" list here, i agree only with few choices here.. and seriously... tetris? that was over the top...

WHAT THE FUCK? Where's goddamn Ultima on that list?! Baldur's Gate? Neverwinter's Night? I call this BS, how the hell do you recommend From Dust and The Sims on that list? Pff!

What tragic guy made this list? i mean any RPG fan in their right mind would know this list is BS and most of the games mentioned here are as good as fire wood. Don't get me wrong skyrim is the only legit one here, but i'm sure there are other games just as good. Where as CoD? i bought that my 8 year old brother so he could learn how to play games, since its so simple and repetitive.

This might be the worst list of anything I've ever seen in my life.

Mw3 is CoD it is known as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

I swear to god I'm gonna shoot whoever wrote this crap.

I see others find the author of this questionable list of games find issues with it. I just love how the advertisement that got me to click on it billed this list as "Top 10 games for RPGers". The second page is absolutely positively without anything to do with RPGs. CoD? The Sims? Tetris!!???!!! where the frak is the story in that? Grand Theft Auto? Mortal Kombat? Whoever is running the promotional division here should be docked pay for this tragedy. Though I question whether the second page of games even cater to "WoW" players as a niche market.

As others have said Mass Effect 3, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Xenoblade Chronicles.

After reading some reviews of "From Dust" I suspect that the author here has been paid by one or more of the gaming studios to list their game. Even then I question who would want their game mentioned in this absurd tragedy.

The title should be "Some Blow Hard's Top 10 List of Games (S)He was paid to mention". As it is the title gives the illusion that the list is derived from something other than a sociopath Blizzard fanboy's brain.

There is a difference between the header that lead me to this story. It said
and the actual header of the story

I zero interest in what WOW gamers are interested in...or the games they might play.I don't want to make a big deal out of this but the phrase "bait and switch" comes to mind.

If you have zero interest in what games WoW fans play then why read an article on Top 10 single player games for WoW fans?

Not to sound too arrogant, but the comment was more that the link he clicked was titled differently from what he was given. A common problem with a few of these sites.

Although I have absolutely nothing to comment on the whole which is and is not an RPG or like WoW I would like to point something out. As a huge Diablo fan the biggest disappointment was Diablo 3 because you CANNOT play it without an internet connection. You might be able to choose single player but it has to have an internet connection to be played. Sucks when I travel to a place where internet connections are either slow or expensive like say quite a bit of the rural US including Alaska and Hawaii.

Guys, please! You're missing the point of the article entirely!

Obviously this is a satirical piece demonstrating that wow fans have neither the motor skills nor mental capacity for good or even enjoyable games. After all: given the immense choices available on the open market today, you still CHOSE to play WoW.

If you were to play the games on this list you may find a correlation to WoW and finally wake up shouting, "Hey! Why am I paying for this piece of hog-sh#t every month?? I HATE this game. I complain about nearly every aspect of it yet go back for more like the masochistic simpleton gaming companies assume I am. What's wrong with me?"

Well, I for one thank the author for pointing out the gaming abomination known as WoW for what it is. I look forward to many more thought provoking articles. What will he tackle next? The over use of first person perspective? The lame titles that have the testicular fortitude to charge full price for a four hour game? Perhaps he'll blow the lid off EA studios and show us that all they care about is money! Shocking but true! Speak out gentle muse, give us the gifts of your wisdom so that we may become enlightened.

Now THAT'S sarcasm.

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