Pirates Of The Burning Sea Journal

Posted Thu, Dec 15, 2005 by LadySirse

Arrgh! Oh wait, Awen already said that! Well, I'll double it and ask for a
parrot! has
developer journal #5 for Pirates of the Burning Sea. I wish I could be a pirate...
minus the grungy teeth thing and getting sea-sick. But a plumed hat would be
cool... right?

Hello, everyone. My name's Raymond Wood, and I'm a mission designer
for Pirates of the Burning Sea. I joined Flying Lab earlier this year and
have been having a great time shouting "Arrrrr" at all my coworkers.
Normally, mission designers build PvE missions and combat encounters, but
recently I was lucky enough to lend my mission expertise to one of the coolest
parts of the PvP system.
Our first design goal when we sat down to work out the details of the PvP
system can be summed up in one word: “Relevance.” Too many games
place PvP on the borders, as something that happens at the edge of the map
between players who aren’t necessarily tied in to the rest of the game.
Often, PvP takes place in areas that are wholly separated from the main geography
of the game. That isolation makes the player versus player struggles seem
less exciting to us, so our first decision was to place the PvP in places
players go, places they care about. In Pirates of the Burning Sea, the hottest
PvP areas will be right in the middle of the map, where players live and trade
and do missions.
We’ve written about PvP port battles before as the centerpiece of our
four-sided RvR conflict system. Today, I’m pulling the curtains back
to show you how they actually work. Let’s say you’re a stout-hearted
English naval officer. Your forces have raided enough Spanish shipping to
put the port of San Juan into contention, and you’ve contributed enough
to win one of the 25 British tickets into the port battle. (The battle works
the same way when pirates raid foreign ports or when nationals suppress pirate
ports, but the rewards and the effects on the port are different.)


Pirates of the Burning Sea will be sailing away from SOE later this month. Make sure that your account is ready to leave port.

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