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For 90 prize tokens, Lhara will sell you one of these six non-combat pets. If you’re not sure which one to buy first, various examples of the pets can be found in front of her stall so you can check out their animations for yourself. The mount-lovers amongst you will also notice that she will will sell you your very own Dancing Bear and Forest Strider mounts for 180 tokens. So, sounds easy, but how exactly do you get the prize tokens?

What’s the But?

Ahh, here comes the catch; you need to win at the various games on offer at the Faire and complete the daily quests from select NPCs. To have a go at some of the stalls you first need to buy some tickets from one of the handily-placed vendors. You can buy five for 54 silver or twenty for 1g 72s 80c. It doesn’t sound like much but you’re probably going to be buying a heck of a lot of these.

What’s next? Well you need to convert these tickets into prize tokens. So, go and climb into that cannon, chuck rings at the moving turtle and whack those Gnolls! Every stall you succeed at will put you one step closer to your new pets.

The other way to earn tickets is through dailies. Now the one thing you’re going to need to know about the Faire is that it’s all about levelling professions. So, as well as having to get blown out of the cannon for points, whacking Gnolls or using the shooting gallery to complete the daily quests, you can visit certain vendors who will offer you a daily associated with fishing, cooking and other professions.

When you complete these, you’ll gain points which will increase your profession level, Darkmoon Prize tickets and some gold to boot. From then on it’s just a matter of playing the games until you gain the required number of tickets.

Darkmoon Faire sea pony

The little guy can be fished up off the coast of Darkmoon Island.

The Elusive Sea Pony

So, you’ve gotten all the pets (and mounts) Lhara has to offer and there are still a few days of the Faire to go. You can do the cannon blindfolded and the dailies take less than a minute to do. What next? Well, there is one more pet you can get and this is the Sea Pony.

What is the Sea Pony? Well, it’s a small seahorse in a bubble of water which can be fished up from the sea which surrounds Darkmoon Island. The Sea Pony floats beside you as you walk and - according to Warcraft Pets and has a drop rate of 1 in 250.

While it’s been confirmed the pet exists having been fished up by folks on the PTR, Blizzard neglected to mention it in their official pet guide. Getting it seems oddly simple though; just go fishing. Pick a spot and cast your line, you might just get lucky. That said, if you have fishing gear or baubles then it probably won’t hurt your chances of getting one before the Faire ends this weekend.

So there you have it. How long did it take you to get all six of the pets Lhara has to offer? Did you fish up the Sea Pony? Tell us in the comments below.

Fished one up this morning. Fishing lvl100 or so with a bobble.

just got my sea pony from the fair !!!! Cast about 10 times with fishing skill of 480 and bright baubles. SO excited !!!!

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