Colossal Studios Interview

Posted Thu, Dec 15, 2005 by LadySirse

When The Sky's The Limit has an
interesting interview for you today. They sat with the CEO of Colossal
James "dormantdemon" Moffet:

Today we have a unique interview with James Moffet, the CEO and Executive
Producer of Colossal Studios. Colossal produces content, including 3D, for many
sources, but primarily - to date - MMORPGs. The company is made up largely of
former employees of Mutable Realms, which developed the cancelled MMORPG Wish. Let us begin with an introduction to who you are, your company
and what you do.

James Moffet: To the gaming world, I was the producer of the “Wish”
MMORPG; one of many highly publicized, yet now defunct MMORPG efforts that
have risen and summarily died over the last several years.
Colossal Studios is a company that I formed out of the ashes of “Wish”
to provide Over-the-Top 3D content, guidance to other MMO developers based
on our experience, a vehicle for selling the “Wish” assets, and
to develop game related software.
The team is primarily comprised of former members from the “Wish”
production staff with exceptional talents for developing bizarre concepts,
concept art, composition, and 3D modeling. Collectively, we’ve been
building high quality 3D related content for many years.

There are also some pretty nice pictures to demon-strate what exactly they
can do. Get it? "Demon-strate"... yeah...
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