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Seasonal Pets

Blizzard has long associated in-game holidays with a need to kill a boss that’s bigger, meaner and badder than us. This usually means running the same dungeon a few dozen times within a one to two week period. Fortunately, as well as better gear and mounts, three of these events also involve the acquisition of non-combat pets: the Toxic Wasteling, the Frigid Frostling and, of course, the Sinister Squashling.

The Toxic Wasteling

Yes, Love is in the Air is associated with many things … candy, romance and the Toxic Wasteling. Yes, every girl/guy wants their own puddle of bubbling ooze so how do you get it? Well, for starters, you or someone else in your group need to have the quest You’ve Been Served in their log. This will see you go deep into the heroic version of Shadowfang Keep to serve a subpoena to Apothecary Hummel.

Then, of course, a fight to the death ensues. If you’re lucky, the Wasteling will drop from either Apothecaries Hummel, Baxter and Frye. But now you’ve got the pet, what does it do? Well, this oozling not only has a bubbling noise, it also loves to eat. If you feed it critters, such as those cows wandering Elwynn, then it will get larger and larger.

The Frigid Frostling

When Summer’s in full swing, it means that Lord Ahune back. Yes, the Terror of the Slave Pens, awaits you in Zangermarsh and as well as his loot table, he also offers a tiny frozen elemental: the Frigid Frostling.

Getting it is really, really simple. Just use the Dungeon Finder to teleport in, kill the boss and then open your Satchel of Chilled Goods. Remember, you only get this from accessing the encounter via the Dungeon Finder and only from the first fight per day. That said, there’s a pretty good chance that you might end up with a tiny elemental of your own.

Like Mojo, the Frigid Frostling comes with a cute little bonus. He will randomly chuck snowballs at nearby players which will make a snow shower fall around them. Perfect for the heat of the summer, especially when wandering in Azeroth’s hotter climes.

Sinister Squashling

The Sinister Squashling is a beloved companion.

The Sinister Squashling

The final pet available from a seasonal dungeon is found at Hallow’s End. Except, well, it’s not just available from a dungeon any longer. In previous years, you had to kill the Headless Horseman now though, the cute pumpkin pet can also drop from other parts of the holiday celebration. This includes as a drop from the Crudely Wrapped Gifts and Treat Bags given from the daily quest or innkeepers.

Otherwise, getting the pet is simple enough. Go in, kill Thomas Thomson (aka the Headless Horseman) and then see what he drops. If you’re lucky, it’s the Squashling. The pet itself is a tiny carved Jack-o-lantern on legs which is reminiscent of something out of A Nightmare Before Christmas. It will totter after you and, sometimes, retract its arms and legs to turn into a tiny, static carved pumpkin. Cute.

That’s quite a lot of pets but it’s a great way to participate in some festive merriment and get pets at the same time. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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