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Updated Wed, Jan 04, 2012 by Saia

Hyjal Bear Cub

Hyjal is littered with this little cubs, we get to rescue them from trees and what not but who doesn’t want one of their very own? Well, if you’re fresh from getting a Crimson Lasher at the Molten Front, then you’re in luck. As long as you’ve unlocked the fourth phase of dailies, you can purchase from Varlan Highbough at Malfurion’s Reach for just 1500g.

See our Molten Front Pet Guide for more details


Ah treants, they’re not just for Druids anymore. Oh no, anyone can get him although the Alliance have to jump through a dozen more hoops to get him than the Horde.

Withers is a special kind of treant though, he spawns as a large pet and, gradually, withers away over thirty minuted or so becoming tiny. To return him to full-size, all you need to do is jump in water. Horde players just need to cross Apothecary Furrows with a little silver to gain this companion during their travels in Darkshore. The Alliance have to complete a truly epic quest-chain which ends with Remembrance of Auberdine before he is given to them as a quest reward by Cerellean Whiteclaw.


Withers in a particularly unique pet.


Pebbles is obtained from an achievement from the Therazane daily hub. Complete “Lost in the Deeps” ten times and you’ll get the achievement “Rock Lover” and Pebbles as an accomplice. Who doesn’t want their own rock as a pet?

Tiny Shale Spider

This little spider is a drop from the rare spawn Jadefang in Deepholm. Not only do people want to kill him for the pet, Beast mastery hunters also want Jadefang as he’s an Exotic Beast which makes him a much-prized pet. Fortunately he spawns in a specific nook but this can’t be accessed by foot, although you can blow yourself up there using Ricket’s Tickers. So, if you can get up there and kill him, the pet is all yours.

Rustberg Sea Gull

This gull is purchased in Tol Barad. Yes, you can finally have your own rat of the sky. He costs 50 Tol Barad Commendations and can be bought from Quartermaster Brazie or Pogg, depending on your faction. You also have to be honored with Baradin’s Wardens or Hellscream’s Reach. So why do you want this gull? Well of all the birds in-game, the Rustberg Sea Gull has a unique model which is actually quite impressive to look at.

As always, we're keen to know which of these little critters is your favourite Cataclysm pet. Perhaps there's an elusive one you're trying to get? Let us know in the comments below.

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