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Welcome to the 750th Edition of Loading... we're 3/4 of the way to the millenia mark and it's a special Saturday edition to celebrate the occasion!

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Welcome to a special Saturday edition of Loading... live from the Funcom Age of Conan community gathering in Oslo, Norway. Five days couldn't contain all the Age of Conan announcements we had for you, and to make you wait until Monday would be cruel.

Our time with Funcom kicked off in grand fashion. Upon leaving our taxi in downtown Oslo, a horseman (real horse, real man) came riding up, warning us of impending attack. He implored us to hurry to the studio's front door as he rode escort, drawing a groan from the multiple equipment case-schlepping Gamespot A/V guy. A dark horsemen and a haggard-looking infantryman attacked, fended off by our brave protector, and his beautiful female archer companion. The mounted combat got a little intense, as one horseman swung almost withing trampling distance of the frazzled Gamespot guy. But the day was won, and we were led into Funcom's towering offices in a boxy Scandanavian building that screamed Ikea.

Gaute Godager, Game Director, welcomed us and, in time, revealed what was sure to become the breaking news of the gathering. First, as was expected, two of Age of Conan's classes are going to be merged into existing classes. The Scion of Set will be merged with the Stormcaller to become the Tempest of Set, and the Lich will be fused with the Necromancer. Class guru Evan Michaels explained the moves by saying that the coolest parts of each class will be preserved in a way that compliments the newly formed classes, sating both gameplay grognards and lore fanatics, but read more in Cody's writeup of the 14 to 12 class merge.

The second announcement was more of a bombshell, and I should note that Cody is back at the Funcom Studios finding out more even as I write this. To find out what that announcement was, click below!

Loading... (Barbarians at the Gate Edition).

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