Ten Ton Hammer Eve Online Giveaway

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Go, on! Embrace Your Alter Ego!

Ten Ton Hammer is teaming up with CCP Games to start the new year EVE Online style. Just like the EVE Online slogan, we're inviting you to embrace your alter ego with the Ten Ton Hammer EVE Online Giveaway Contest!

Our grand prize winner will receive a copy of the acclaimed book The Art of EVE, a pair of EVE Online socks, and 50 days of free game time. The lucky second place winner will get the edge over other EVE Online players with a 1-year subscription to E-ON magazine and 30 days of free play time. Our final winner will come away with the coveted  EVE Zippo and 30 days of free game time. Game time can be applied to existing accounts, so current players can win, too!
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