Tabula Rasa: Testing the Future

Peek in the Test Window. It's Like Having a Magic 8 Ball!
Peek in the Test Window. It's Like Having a Magic 8 Ball!

An exciting patch hit the Test server last week promising new and exciting content along with a few "minor" ability reductions. Ten Ton Hammer has climbed in, done some testing and gathered what information we could about the most significant changes. What do you need to prepare for and what is there to get excited about? All your info is just a click away!

Looking to the future is always fun and provides hope. In the case of Tabula Rasa's Test Server Patch 1.4 we should have plenty of fun this month as a number of changes and additions are being worked on. While a lot of information has already hit the forums and some of the news sites, it's still up on the air what the final product will look like. Ten Ton Hammer has spent quite a bit of time talking to those in the know and testing out a few of the changes, so here are a few of the more important things to keep an eye on.

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