Pirates of the Burning Sea: Head Start Preview at WarCry

Posted Tue, Jan 22, 2008 by Aelryn

WarCry gives their piratey impressions.

WarCry has their first impressions from the headstart preview of Pirates of the Burning Sea posted, so go check it out while you wait for the servers to go up.

One thing I want to talk about first is the Crafting and Economy. I'm in love with the system in Pirates of the Burning Sea. That's right, I like a crafting system. I know, I was shocked as well but a lot of it has to do with how it was set up. I don't have to go kill 4000 Lesser Bunnies of Doom in order to collect 5 Ratty Hides to make 1 Cloak of Not Really Better Than What You Had. In PotBS, you sail to a port, build a warehouse, build a mine and start getting resources. It's a bit like Star Wars Galaxies, but with a bit of a limit to how much can be produced. This is good because in SWG, there were people making tens of thousands of items, flooding the market and making the economy a joke. But we'll get into another part of the economy that I like a bit later.

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Pirates of the Burning Sea will be sailing away from SOE later this month. Make sure that your account is ready to leave port.

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