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Loading... It's mental floss for MMOGs.

Loading... It's mental floss for MMOGs.

If you haven't visited our new Age of Conan community site then you haven't lived. Talk a walk on the wild side. What happens at our AoC community site stays at our AoC community site. We won't tell anyone that you have secretly longed to decapitate virtual monsters.

I mentioned yesterday that we have an EVE Online contest running, but I didn't pass on the prize information. Look what I found!

"Our grand prize winner will receive a copy of the acclaimed book The Art of EVE, a pair of EVE Online socks, and 50 days of free game time. The lucky second place winner will get the edge over other EVE Online players with a 1-year subscription to E-ON magazine and 30 days of free play time. Our final winner will come away with the coveted EVE Zippo and 30 days of free game time. Game time can be applied to existing accounts, so current players can win, too!"

I had a tough time coming up with a topic this morning. Then it came to me, like an epiphany, almost like seeing monkeys use tools for the time. I decided I would write about a topic that everyone has wanted to discuss, but that they were afraid to bring up. That topic my good readers is, "Who is going to Heaven?"

MMOG are rife with religion. We have temples, half of them sunken which should be hint enough. We have priests, clerics, paladins, shaman, druids and various other nefarious types who lure you in with promises of healing before specing shadow, retribution, enhancement or feral. Liars all of them.

EverQuest had so many religions that the developers decided we needed to start killing off the gods. That was fun.

EverQuest 2 shipped without religion, but it wasn't long before we were told that we needed to choose a deity to receive 'bonuses'. I want a bonus that repels idiots who are playing virtual characters. How's that? Which virtual god is going to deliver? I thought so.

World of Warcraft dances on both sides of the denominational question. There are ruined temples, sunken temples, temples full of half-man, half-fish hybrids and even temples of evil that we are encouraged to enter with 24 of our best friends. There don't appear to be any temples that want to give me money or save my wretched soul.

So the question remains, "Are you going to Heaven?" Find out in Loading... today.

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