Exteel Update Coming Soon Along with In-Game Ads

Maybe they'll even paste ads on your Mech.

Maybe they'll even paste ads on your Mech.

Razorwire is reporting that Exteel will be getting a new update on January 29th. Among other changes, this patch will bring in-game ads to the free-to-play mech game.

Here are some things we are working on to implement with the next major Exteel patch, currently due to go live on January 29: a new map (Face Off), two new Mechanaught sets (one credit based, one NCcoin based), adjustments to Territory Control rewards, all sorts of weapon balance changes, a SD (super-deformed) gameplay option, and in-game ads, among other things. We'll have more information when we get close to patch day.

Read more at Razorwire.

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