Tabula Rasa: Inside the New Fault Lever Instance

An Inside Look

An Inside Look

NCsoft recently gave us an inside look at their newest instance Fault
Lever, providing in depth commentary about it's design and purpose.
World Builder David Vargo discusses where he got his design ideas and
what players can expect inside. Including brand new screenshots, this
is a feature you don't want to miss.

The folks at NCsoft have been hard at work on the
next amazing Tabula
Rasa instance which promises players not only more content
but an engaging story of two warring alien races. Fault Lever will be a
high level underground area on the Ligo continent of Areaki providing
even more danger to this already hostile planet. World Builder David
Vargo talks about some of the new features and design work that went
into creating this level and it's objects. Vargo's commentary will
explain what they expect players to see and feel while traversing Fault

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