Download Dungeon Runners, Loot a Ten Ton Hammer!

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“Announcing the Ten Ton Hammer – capable of separating monsters from their cranial contents at least 50,000 times before needing its first repair!”

Kerrrsmaack! That's the sound an actual Ten Ton Hammer makes when it splatters a bad guy's skull. How do we know what sound that awe-inspiring war-rod would make? Has anyone really seen the weapon and lived to tell the tale? Thanks to the incredibly talented development team at NCsoft, all of our questions about the ever-righteous Ten Ton Hammer have been answered.

In just a few short weeks, Dungeon Runners will be unveiling its latest expansion for the game and with it comes the chance that you could loot the monstrous Ten Ton Hammer. To facilitate all of our reader's needs and your desire to find an actual Ten Ton Hammer, we're now hosting the Dungeon Runners installer and hope that you make a character in anticipation of the day that the Ten Ton Hammer will be yours!

For all of the juicy details, make sure you head to full article concerning the game's brand new weapon and continue to check in with the Ten Ton Hammer staff and Dungeon Runners crew to learn how a Ten Ton Hammer can be created in a massively multiplayer game!

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