EQ2: Kylong Plains Zone Guide Part 2

More Rise of Kunark Zone Guide Goodness
More Rise of Kunark Zone Guide Goodness

The Ten Ton Hammer guide to the Kylong Plains is now complete and ready for your use and abuse!  EverQuest II's newest expansion, The Rise of Kunark, brought plenty of new zones to play in but it is easy to get lost in all that space!  Grab this guide before you go out adventuring and you'll get good tips on where to go and what to do.  Part 2 of this guide includes maps and quest info for some of the best quests in Kylong Plains!

Kylong Plains seems to be the area that used to be known as The Dreadlands in EQ1 and is home of the formidable Karnor's Castle. Largely a wide, open, and untamed space there is plenty to do for the level range, and unless you make the effort, you just miss the vast majority of all this zone has to offer.

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