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By John Hoskin -

Loading... It's like that first kiss, or maybe what you imagine that first kiss will be like.

So here's some news about a game that I rarely and by rarely I mean never write about, Shadowbane. There was much flapping of gums about this title when it launched oh so many years ago. Some players loved it. Others, like me, felt that it was a giant step backwards because of design decisions like point and click movement.

There were ripples through the industry when Ubisoft first purchased the game (in 2004) and took it to a freeware, free-to-play model in March of 2006.

The development team recently decided that after five years there were enough issues in the game that a "Shadowbane Reboot" was the right course of action.

Shadowbane resets, 15 new MMOG articles appear, Wii workouts and more, today in Loading...

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