Loading... Games Cause Cancer

Loading... It's like winning the lottery, except for MMOGs.

Loading... It's like winning the lottery, except for MMOGs.

Yesterday I linked to the FOX News story about Mass Effect being a hard porn game. If you missed it yesterday click back, just kidding, here you go. As much as that aggravates me, this retort hit the nail directly on its pointed head. I couldn't have put together a better script myself. RadarX and Coyote also discuss alien side-boob in their latest podcast.

Why Boomjack are you writing about Mass Effect? It is not a MMOG. We have no interest in such an abomination unless it will somehow bring more money into the coffers of the church of MMOG.

Ah, but here is why you should be interested, because any attack on the gaming industry is an attack on your hobby. If you watched the FOX News debacle then you should be irritated, if not by the attack on your favourite pastime, then by the sheer level of idiocy of the person attacking you. Bringing on so called experts who just giggle like they have had one too many martinis when asked if they played the game, "Tee hee...Noooooo". If you didn't play the game or even look at it then why are you on a news station commenting on it? "Somebody told me this was pornographic, so I thought I'd come on FOX news and do a publing hanging".

It's a witch!!!!

Is gaming the Rock 'N Roll of the 21st century. The easy to blame entertainment medium that is going to ruin the youth of the world?

Find out the answer, check out our AoC, DDO, EQ2 and Podcast exclusives while you enjoy a cheeseburger in a can, today in Loading...

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