Vanguard Trickster's Haven Guide, Pt. 1 Revealed

Don't be fooled by the trickster...

Don't be fooled by the trickster...

For Dalmarus, The Buried Gallery of Al'Rahid is one of the most fun dungeons within Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Virtually every player has heard tales of this dungeon whispered on the wind each night, though they may not have known it by this name.

As you begin talking with a small gnome by the name of Bakijar Adesthbee while gazing at the campfire, you discover he's in a bit of a pickle. He's got a bit of a problem with some of the creepy-crawlies running around within the Burial grounds and could use some help in removing a number of them.

Join Dalmarus as he starts the trek into the depths of Trickster's Haven, only at Vanguard - Ten Ton Hammer.

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