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Loading... It's like a leveling guide for every MMOG in existence.

Loading... It's like a leveling guide for every MMOG in existence.

We ended January with 277 new MMOG articles. That number doesn't include news stories. This is pure 100% Ten Ton Hammer MMOG content. February is a short month, but this is a leap year, so we'll try to keep up the pace. If only we had some gimmick that would allow us to take inane content that nobody cares about and get people to read it at least once. Hmmm, what could we do?

Wait, that's my mailbox ding a ding dinging that I have new mail. Surely this is something that will rock the very foundations of game journalism.


Nine Female Journalists Launch Website to Cover the World of Video Games, Anime, Comics, Gadgets and Cosplay

(Los Angeles, CA) January 17, 2008 – The Girls Entertainment Network (GEN) is proud to announce the launch of the GirlsEntertainmentNetwork.com beta website. GEN is a community created by an all-female staff where both males and females alike will find a fun, positive and exciting home to discuss topics related to female focused video games, anime, comics, gadgets, cosplay and all things considered modern pop culture.

“The Girls Entertainment Network will provide an informative and encouraging look at our beloved pop culture from the perspective of some of its most dedicated female fans,” says Girls Entertainment Network’s Leading Lady, Becky Young. “We take our entertainment seriously but we are also friendly enough to be the girl next door.”

With the GEN editors covering multiple topics, the site is updated daily with fresh content that includes fun editorials, videos, reviews, contests, insider industry info, celebrity interviews, guest blogs and entertainment blogs. In addition to the information on the website, the forums welcome the community to interact and provide a constant dialogue.

The Girls Entertainment Network creates an environment not only for pop culture Aficionados but also a great entry point for newcomers."

Heaven knows that we need more all female gaming websites. Their perspective on games is always so different from a site that allows males to act as conduits to the community. I would say that their views on games are so different from a males that they would appear alien, and we know how much people love reading views that are different than their own. They come back for that over and over and over again. Religion and politics I'm looking at you. Here is a snippet of what you can expect to read if you dare to enter the alien world that is their site.

Girls, girls, girls! Ten Ton Pulse ranks the industry. Warmonger gets reviewed and more, today in Loading...

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