LotRO: New Social Clothing Screenshots from Book 12

Write Your Own Book--Customize!
Write Your Own Book--Customize!

Book 12 might be better known as the Book of Customizations for Lord of the Rings Online. It will bring many new customization options for players to give their avatars for new looks and appearances. The Outfit system will provide players the opportunity to wear one item while having the look of another. To aid players with a diversive amount of appearance options, Turbine will be adding Social Clothing to allow players a wide assortment of clothing appearances for their characters and Ten Ton Hammer has acquired several new screenshots showing off Middle-earths newest clothing line.

The Outfit System is one of the major character customization options set to launch with the Book 12 update for Lord of the Rings Online. The Outfit system will allow players to wear their best armor but have the look of another item of their choosing as the display design. This has the benefit of allowing players to have a wide variety of appearances to make sure that no two characters necessarily will look alike. To aid in making this a more robust system, there will be an assortment of Social Clothing made available for players to choose from and Ten Ton Hammer has acquired screenshots of many of these items.

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