Happy Hour Without Beer?

Posted Wed, Dec 28, 2005 by LadySirse

Life isn't happy without Auto Assault! has
Happy Hour! In Report #3, we learn about crafting.

In week three Laura learns about crafting

The time has come for the final Roadhouse in the AutoAssault Roadhouse: Happy
Hour. Joined by NetDevil’s Ryan Seabury (Design Director), Brian Booker
(Lead Systems Designer), Matt Shaffer (Systems Designer) and our usual hostess
NCSoft’s Valerie “Pann” Massey, we discussed crafting in
the world of AutoAssault.
In a nutshell: the post-apocalyptic world of AutoAssault, you don’t
create new items; you fix the old. During your adventures you will find broken
weapons, armor, wheels, chasses, etc. that can only be fixed through the crafting
disciplines, using various commodities that you find in the world and refine
into usable crafting components.
Confused at all? Want more details? You’re in luck, because we’ve
got plenty.
Let’s take it from the start. Crafting is broken into disciplines,
and to craft something you have to know the discipline of that object. The
first thing you do is visit the trainer in your discipline of choice. As a
basic, beginning crafter you can either work with Projectile Weapons, Armor,
or Power Plants. As you progress through these disciplines you unlock new
ones, from Advanced Weapons and Advanced Armor to Hazard Kits and Chasses.
For now, though, your trainer will unlock the discipline, and probably send
you on a tutorial to gather components and make a sample item.

Auto Assault is so cool! April needs to hurry up and get here!


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