EQ2 Humor: Return to the Island of Doctor Patch Notes: GU 42

Mannequin Abuse Within; Proceed with Caution
Mannequin Abuse Within; Proceed with Caution

EverQuest II patch notes can read like the assembly instructions for some high tech stereo, making them hard to read and even harder to understand. Well, we can't help with the understanding part but by golly we can make them less boring!  Coyote and Radar visit Game Update #42, due to hit live servers next week, and insert a heavy dose of hilarity in the patch notes.

New mannequins are available for displaying armor and weapons in your house. You can acquire them from some of your more dedicated and advanced crafting friends

RadarX: What happens when you leave these mannequins unattended in your apartment or home? A bad 80's movie or TV show, that's what.

Coyote: Who said that they'd be unattended. Awwww yeah. How YOU doing? What? Shh..shh..no no.. No need to speak, or even have bendable elbows. Let Uncle Coyote take care of that...

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