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By John Hoskin -

Loading... It's like groundhog day, except you're the groundhog. Do we have three more decades of MMOG gaming?

Are you looking for fancy-pants pictures of Cody Bye in a speedo? Your wish is my command.

I will be winging my way to the land where the streets have a television show named after them (San Francisco) for GDC this month. I believe we land and begin gobbling Rice-A-Roni on the 18th, returning to our nests on the 22nd. If any of you are going to be in San Fran during this time and want to hook up for a beer or a punch in the nose (or both in Cody's case) then please drop me a line. We met rooms full of fans at BlizzCON last year and although GDC isn't a "fan" event we don't mind hanging out with developers if they promise to keep their hands to themselves. In fact Garrett, Jeff and Cody already have some developer hook-ups set to go.

SOE Fan Faire, as the name so subtly implies is a fan event. We don't know the dates for this one just yet, but as of now it looks like September 4-7 in Las Vegas is the players' choice. Go vote for your favourite location/date. I expect that we will have a few designated hand-shakers and tail-slappers at this event as well.

I don't has a mind-bending topic for this Friday edition of Loading... It's a shame really. The Porno-Girls site we discussed yesterday was a great topic. Apparently that site once had topless pictures on it. Go figure! See, it was all about the games after all.

Metaplace made its public debut yesterday. We don't attempt to cover "virtual worlds", but it's a slow day and this is what you get when nobody is attempting to start up something controversial. Metaplace is the Raph Koster (Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies) project that intends to make creating worlds (or games?) something that is more readily accessible to the public. Here is how the developers describe it.

Oh....find out how they describe it..., rockstar interview, Lolita beds, WoW reviews and more, today in Loading...

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