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Congratulations to our EVE Online Giveaway winners!

"Bozwick is our grand prize winner and gets The Art of EVE book, 50 days of game time, a pair of EVE socks, and CCP threw in an EVE flash drive for the grand prize winner.

Axus (Premium) is our second prize winner and gets The Art of EVE book and 30 days of game time.

Jaralaxle (Premium) is our third prize winner and gets a 1-year subscription to E-ON magazine and 30 days of game time."

Congratulations as well to the 30+ robins that are prancing around the two feet of snow in my backyard. Spring is obviously here. Global warming is in full effect.

Further congratulations to World of Warcraft for holding the top spot in the Ten Ton Pulse. What is Ten Ton Pulse?

The Top Ten Most Popular games on the planet, dungeon running, giant cambodian boys wearing stilettos and more, today in Loading...

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