Warhammer High Elf Shadow Warrior Career Overview

Out of the Shadows...

Long ago, the Dark Elven Prince Malekith failed in his attempt to rule the High Elves. He and his followers from Nagarythe fought a bitter civil war and in the end many lives were lost, and the land was torn apart. Thousands of years later, those of Nagarythe who lost much in that war still patrol the shores of Ulthuan looking for any sign of a Dark Elf incursion. They are different from their High Elven brethren, bitter, angry, and brutal. They are Shadow Warriors, guerrillas who have become adept at the art of killing. Sounds like an interesting class to you? Then come take a look at the Shadow Warrior and maybe you too will learn to master the bow and knife and fight to strike a killing blow into the Witch King!

When Nagarythe was riven by civil war, most of the Elves there sided with the Witch King, later becoming Dark Elves. Those faithful to the Phoenix King swore to fight Malekith and his treacherous forces. These ill-fated Elves became the Shadow Warriors. The darkest, most sinister and brutal of all the High Elves.

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