A Review of Ideazon's Banshee Gaming Headset

Get Your Head(set) On Straight
Get Your Head(set) On Straight

Clear audio is a vital aspect of any videogame, whether it's to tell your friend to stop pulling raid creatures in the latest MMORPG, or hear machine gun chatter in a military themed First Person Shooter. We recently got a hold of Ideazon's new Banshee gaming headset and put it to the test. How did it stack up in Tabula Rasa, voice chat, and even podcasting? Take a look inside to find out!

In the past few years thanks to a number of technological advancements, consumers have become more and more demanding when it comes to their entertainment products. No longer satisfied with standard two speaker sound, advanced high wattage systems now adorn High Definition Televisions and PC desks a like. With something even simple such as headphones, gamers expect to clearly hear the satisfying thump of an M203 Grenade Launcher or a team mate screaming "What did you do?!" on their voice communication client.

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