Tabula Rasa: Brann Hybrid Access Mission Guide

Stripping off Your Armor? *cue the Bomp-chicka-wow-wow Music*
Stripping off Your Armor? *cue the Bomp-chicka-wow-wow Music*

Tabula Rasa finds the Humans of Earth homeless, and seeking new worlds to inhabit. In the war against EarthÂ’s destroyers, the Bane, Humans must form alliances with alien races to ensure a successful fight. The Brann are one such peoples, and it may be possible to combine the strengths of each other into a new Hybrid race. Ten Ton Hammer has the guide to complete the missions to unlock the Brann/Human Hybrid race.

The trick here is that you donÂ’t want anything but a Caretaker to kill you, or youÂ’ll fail. 6 or more Caretakers can be found here, making your job a little easier. Remove your armor and place it in your backpack (turn up the cheesy porno music if youÂ’ve got it) to make the job of killing you that much easier.

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