ESRB Says Yes to Nipples

A Nipplet of Info
A Nipplet of Info

After Pharamond's post earlier today about what will and will not be censored in Age of Conan, North American Version, there was much to-do about why nipples were axed. Some declared the ESRB allows nipples in M rated games, without it being pushed to an "Adults Only" rating.

Pharamond did post a clarification, that yes, in fact there will be nipples in Age of Conan, North American Release.

It has come to our attention that the North American edition of the game was submitted (by Eidos) to the ESRB without any server-side censorship:

-full blood

-full fatalities

-breasts with nipples

-not full nudity

The ESRB reviewed our application and gave us a rating of Mature 17+. The full rating with descriptors has not yet been publicly announced but will be posted on the ESRB web site on 13 February 2008.

Funcom apologizes for this small error (or maybe two small errors.)

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