Loading... XXX, Vin Diesel or Age of Conan?

Loading... Putting the MMO in "Good MMOrning"

Loading... Putting the MMO in "Good MMOrning"

First up, there must have been some cosmic aligning of the stars over the last two days as I received "naughty pictures" in my e-mail from not one, not two, but four readers. You're an unruly bunch and some of you need to rethink what the word attractive means to you.

For the relationship challenged, I have a reminder. Valentine's Day is approaching faster than Oprah can get the words, "Oh my Gawd!" out of her mouth. I'm certain that many of you will be sending Coyote a valentine. May I suggest this? [Thanks Karen]

My apologies for the short column today. I'm literally swimming in Sudafed induced haze as I try to fight off (or in this case ignore) a ghastly cold. I did come across this little bit of excitement on the Age of Conan forums.

Earthrise, Uru dies, beer safety, the French military and more, today in Loading...

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