Age of Conan Developer Panel Video Part 3 Transcript

Just the Text, Ma'am
Just the Text, Ma'am

You've enjoyed Part 3 of the Age of Conan Developer Panel Q&A video, but you need to find info quickly, or something that you can quote without having to view the video again. Well, now you can read all info of the video in the transcript covering class merges, system specs, clothing and more.

The interesting thing is that people view class reviewals and class balance marketing material that we do as a contract. It makes it very hard for me to do my job properly, which is to make the game fun because we basically have to make a decision. “How much is this going to shake the boat versus how much worse is the boat going to float when it’s launched?” I wish I could just reveal the finished game and at day’s end and say: “here you go. Have fun.” That’s part of it. And, yes, we expect that there will be some upset people from this. For them, we are truly sorry, and we try to preserve what we can in these classes when we merge them up.

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