WoW: Lunar Festival Guide

Posted Mon, Feb 11, 2008 by Shayalyn

Rev up the firecrackers and scare off the dragons

World of Warcraft does an excellent job of bringing the Chinese New Year to the game with the Lunar Festival. Throughout the world there are various quests, events, and tons of holiday themed loot to obtain during the two week (plus) period this holiday runs. Find out how you can find all fifty elders and their Coins of Ancestry, the best way to defeat the raid boss Omen, and all of the details of this event in our Lunar Festival Guide.

In Chinese mythology there is a beast known as "Nien" that comes out during the Chinese New Year and attacks people. Nien is defeated by loud noises and the color red. That is why during the Chinese New Year you'll see the various dragons roaring through parade while firecrackers go off and everything is decorated in red. Omen, in World of Warcraft, is an exact copy of Nien.

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