Pirates of the Burning Sea: Patch Notes for Build

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Pirates keeps getting shinier.

The latest Pirates of the Burning Sea patch notes are out and available for your perusal. Here are the highlights:

• New logout system that particularly improves logout in the Open Sea. Read this devlog for details.
• Unrest supply bundles finally work. We’ve added the turn-in missions for these so you can produce them and hand them in to generate unrest on an enemy port. Read this other devlog from Rev on Conquest and PvP improvements.
• Rare pirate gang spawns are now twice as frequent as before, so those bounty missions won’t be so hard.
• We fixed the bug that would cause an NPC you attacked in the Open Sea to spawn a different kind of ship when the battle started.
• We shut up the Auctioneer!

Read the rest at the official site.

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