WoW Weekly Report - Redemption Comes: Patch 2.4

Posted Wed, Feb 13, 2008 by Shayalyn

Here's What's Happening in WoW

It's once again time for the World of Warcraft Weekly Report. Every Tuesday morning the report arrives to your inbox or can be read on the site. It goes over the details of the last week including blizzard posts, major news events, and what's happening around here at WoW at Ten Ton Hammer. This week is a veritable cornucopia of topics ranging from patch 2.4 to Valentine's Day and even to some recent awards Blizzard has both won and been nominated for.

One of the major community upsets in this patch is the removal of attunement to some of the more difficult instances causing many players wanting to "purchase" a raid spot in order to attend the raid and loot one specific item if it drops. Strong raiding guilds can often carry one person into a raid if they're able to successfully farm a boss so it's not unreasonable that lower equipped/skilled players may soon be walking around with difficult to obtain gear. We'll see how this plays out in the long run and personally I don't think it's that big of a deal.

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