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Loading... around the MMOG world in 80 levels.

Loading... around the MMOG world in 80 levels.

The big news today is that our seventh Age of Conan class interview has been posted. This time the apple of Cody's eye is the Bear Shaman. These interviews have been nothing short of incredibly well received, always jumping to the #1 spot in our traffic charts. I expect that #7 in the series will be no different. Enjoy!

SOE is giving Vanguard customers who are stuck on a server away from their friends a get out of jail free card.

"The Vanguard Team will be offering one time only character transfers on Tuesday, February 19th for those who may have missed the previous deadline, or have recently returned to the game and found that their friends play on a different server.

Currently there is no pay-for-transfer service within the game, so if you are thinking about moving your character, now is the time to take advantage of the /switchserver command.

You must use the /switchserver command before Tuesday, February 19th if you want your character to be moved. In order for the transfers to take place, all servers (US and Euro) will need to be down at the same time."

Turbine has taken a different track and is offering a get into the dungeon cheaper card. For a limited time you can play Dungeons and Dragons Online for only $9.99 a month. It requires a six month commitment, which is unfortunate, since for $9.99 the game would be worth a try for anyone who reads this newsletter. You can read more at the official website.

I continue to gear up for GDC. We have 25 developer interviews setup over three days. That's a lot of MMOG information in a short period of time. I hope you are well stocked up on free time.

Have your say, check out Age of Conan, listen to Coyote and RadarX and more, today in Loading...

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