Guide to Tabula Rasa's Staging Point

Stage fright? Staging fright? Fear no more.

Stage fright? Staging fright? Fear no more.

Staging Point, also known as Alpha Threshold on the waypoint map, is a small camp in the southeastern area of Tabula Rasa’s Concordia Palisades. The AFS use this spot as a re-supply point and assembly area for their operations into the Bane strongholds of Skive Base, and the Treeback Camp Instance. Ten Ton Hammer has updated this guide to include a new mission line that gives players an Ethical Parable choice.

From the guide:

You need to jet up to Cumbria Research and talk to Corporal Hutchinson at the dropship pad at -822,139,657. He's happy to hear that Barbeau is still alive, and promises to send a dropship to his location to get him out. Hutchinson praises you for being "one of the good ones" and not just blindly following orders.

Lock and load with our Tabula Rasa Staging Point guide.

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