European Closed Beta Starts Soon!

Updated Tue, Feb 19, 2008 by Boomjack

Blizzard has made the following announcement on the WoW homepage.


"It’s been two weeks since the close of the European World of Warcraft Beta Test sign-ups, and the selection process for the first group of beta testers is now nearing completion. These testers will be allowed to create accounts on the European beta server as well as log onto their respective community Web sites as soon as the selection process is completed and they begin receiving their authentication keys.
During its first phase, the Beta Test will not be localized, which means that all European beta testers will initially be using the English language version of the game client. However, as the Beta Test progresses, fully localized French and German clients will be made available for download. Please visit the European World of Warcraft Community sites if you would like to learn more about the European World of Warcraft Beta Test:,, "

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