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Gamezone has the first production diary for Warhammer Online By Destin Bales, Content Director.

Ten thousand pages. ThatÂ’s my best guess at the amount of finalized documentation that our content team will produce before the launch of WAR. We should start an office pool, or a printing press. Ten thousand pages for a game based on an existing property rich with detail. I can only imagine the number of pages weÂ’d be writing if we were coming up with a world of our own!

What in SigmarÂ’s name are we writing about in 10,000 pages? Well, way back in the beginning of May 2005 after the signing of the deal with Games Workshop at E3, we started with the basics. You see, pre-production documentation serves several purposes. At the most basic level we outline things like:

It reads more like a QNA, but hey, who am I to judge?

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