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Updated Tue, Feb 19, 2008 by Messiah

Elandar over at has posted an article looking at priest talents and proposed layouts. Well worth reading.

My talents tree and first impressions on priest. What do you think?

This weekend was a blast. My undead priest (lvl 20-22) was invited to do 2 instant dungeons: wailing cavern (thanks Faylin) and Blackfathom deeps (thanks Nek). I was then able to better foresee what will be the priest role in a group and started to figure out what will be my talents tree at level 60.

I was able to manage aggro quite well and fade is working well. Managing aggro consisted of using as much as possible renew and PW:S and only in case of emergency flash heal (I nerver used my higher heals during combat). It is for me the 2 spells which I will use the more often in group and therefore I have to improve them as much as I can :-)

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