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By John Hoskin -

A special Tuesday "Thank You" to the folks who took time to send me their thoughts on the casual versus hardcore dilemma. The casual players overwhelmingly stated that they thought the cost of the games was too high, yet the hardcore players nearly all wrote that they would spend more for to get more content and challenge. What's a developer to do?

How many of you remember when games were either considered PvP or PvE and never the two should meet? I'm one of those gaming fossils who while playing EverQuest was sure that first-person view and no PvP was the way to go. Stories of woe in Ultima Online and later in Lineage fueled the fires of the anti-PvP crowd. Getting ganked by players many levels above you or in Phil's case, by a cow sent many players reeling and bloody to EverQuest and its "care bear" philosophy on PvP.
I still consider first-person view more immersive, but I've changed my mind on PvP. Consensual PvP with all of its faults is so much fun that I can't stop spending my limited playing time participating in it. Guild Wars got me hooked with its fast paced battles and now I find myself spending time in the battlegrounds of World of Warcraft. There is something rewarding about defeating another player and as often as not, rewarding about losing those really tough fights to the best of the best.
If you haven't tried PvP because of past experiences it might be time to hook up with a copy of Guild Wars or World of Warcraft.
Disagree? Want to gank me in Warsong Gulch or dice me with your Warrior/Monk in Guild Wars? Bring it on, just send your thoughts here.
TenTon Comic - It's a day old, but ripening well. Our comic about the Azeroth politician is "Right Here ".
Vin Diesel Fact: Vin Diesel covers his Slip 'N Slide with crushed glass and thumb tacks.
Game Movie: Medieval Weapon - Mushroom Forest - EQ2 Movie based on Lethal Weapon.
Here's what's new on the network!
  • EverQuest 2: Comedic Caption Content

    " One lucky winner, will walk away with a signed lithograph of the Frostfell art included in EQ2's holiday content (lovingly donated by one of our staff). For your chance at winning, please submit a Everquest 2 screenshot with an amusing caption.   Whether its cliff jumping in action,  who can make the largest train, or someone threatening Nagafen with a spanking send us your funniest one.    The screenshots and captions will judged based on originality and how much soda you cause us to spit. "
  • World of Warcraft: Balancing Challenge and Fun

    " It’s a well known maxim that in life the harder something is to achieve the bigger the sense of accomplishment you get when you achieve it.  To go along with this once you achieve large difficult goals, tasks or projects, most people feel the need to do something even bigger or harder the next time.  Once faced with and having accomplished difficult tasks most people are not content with going back to ordinary or mundane tasks. "
  • Auto Assault: Faction Skills - Humans

    " Oh what will those Humans think up next? "
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    "This week's editorial takes a look at the balance between casual and hardcore gaming in MMORPGs. How well does Guild Wars do at catering to both crowds?"

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    "This week we look at the differences between the hardcore and casual players and how Auto Assault caters to each group. Is there enough content for both? Will one set of players affect the fun of the others? These questions and more are looked at in this week's editorial, Hardcore vs. Casual in Auto Assault."
  • Auto Assault: Human Faction Skills

    "We have a new skill listing up today covering the Human faction skills. Faction skills are shared across the different classes of that faction. Some are shared across all four classes while others are only shared by two. So go ahead, and find out what those crazy Humans have came up with in their battle against the perils of the wastelands."
  • Auto Assault: Roadstop Comedy Club Part 1

    "We bring you a new weekly feature called the Comedy Highway. Each week a brand new humorous article is posted for your reading enjoyment. This week we start with a brand new series called the Roadstop Comedy Club. I won't spoil all of the details, but it's about a crazy man who's been given a second chance as a comedian at the local rest stop."
  • Comparing the Big Names of VOIP

    "We examine why voicechat is the new rage among MMO gamers, dispel some of the frustration and stigma that prevent some gamers from joining in, and also which spoken word solution deserves the right to run in your MMO social circles."
  • EverQuest 2: Guide to Races

    "The EQ2 Guide to Races has now been updated!   Not sure if you like those new fangled SOGA graphics?  This will show a comparison for the original EQ2 character models versus the new SOGA models."

Now on to the real world. You can't make this stuff up.

As always, thanks for visiting TenTonHammer.com,
-- John "Boomjack" Hoskin

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