How to handle Loot in groups

Updated Tue, Feb 19, 2008 by Messiah

Our friends over at put together the following article on how to handle loot in a group situation.

Shillen shares his views on how in his opinion loot should be handled in groups, especially instances and touches the sensitive subject of when you have an enchanter in the group that may roll on all items. This is a good post and worth the read... let us know what you think. [Eregar]

So from reading the WoW forums I came to the realization that the way I had been handling loot probably isn't the best way.

The way I had been handling it was to leave it in group loot. Everyone rolls on items they plan on using and passes on everything else. This leads to any items that no one needs (which seems to be the majority of them) to be picked up by the first person to loot the corpse after the rolling is done. I've even seen people make sure they're the last ones to pass on an item so that way they know exactly when it becomes lootable so they can yank it. I've usually tried to make sure I only loot 1/5 of the green items that everyone passes on but almost always there's one person in the group who is looting the majority of it.

The complete article can be read here.

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