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Intro Guide To Mineral Compression, Part 1 (EVE Online Guide) - Page 2

Posted Wed, Jan 18, 2012 by Space Junkie

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EVE Online Skill Training For Mineral Compression

The first thing to do is train the following skills:

  • Production Efficiency 5: It is critical that you not be wasting minerals when compressing modules. Anything less than 5 is unacceptable and will probably bankrupt you.
  • Mass Production 5: Training this all the way up will give you an extra 5 production slots (six total) and allow you to train Advanced Mass Production.
  • Advanced Mass Production 4: Having multiple slots is essential for compressing minerals in a timely fashion. With this at level 4, you can run a total of 10 slots, simultaneously. That should be enough to keep your compression blueprints running, with some room to spare for other things.

Those skills are sufficient for large-scale compression projects, but are handy for many other industrial tasks. The decompression portion is rather more arduous, and I recommend training it on a different character just to keep clone costs down and so that you can have him located at a different spot than your compression character.

The skills needed are:

  • Refining 5: Turning your compressed modules or ammo back into minerals requires refining, and this is the basic skill for that.
  • Refinery Efficiency 5: Allows superior refining of asteroid ore. Not helpful for this project, but a pre-requisite for Scrapmetal Processing.
  • Science 4: A pre-requisite for metallurgy, but also generally handy for research-minded players.
  • Metallurgy 5: Used to reduce the research time required to improve the mineral efficiency of blueprints. Handy in general, but useful here as a pre-requisite for scrapmetal processing. Lamentably, this skill takes gosh-darned forever to train.
  • Scrapmetal Processing 4: The granddaddy of refining skills. With the correct refinery station (and possibly some implants) this allows you to get a perfect refine on your minerals, resulting in almost no minerals lost in the compression/decompression process.

Once you have these skills trained or are most of the way there, you should start acquiring compression blueprints.

Compression Blueprints In EVE Online

There are several good options available for compression blueprints. Some offer better compression than others, but there are a couple factors to consider:

Local Supply: Some minerals may be available in good supply on the local market, or you may already somehow be in possession of a large stash of a particular mineral. I find that in my area there is essentially unlimited pyerite produced locally, so I want to avoid bringing unnecessary amounts of that out in order to avoid wasted space and effort.

Mineral Ratio: Are you building tech I ships? That requires a different blend of minerals from, say, capital components. Are you planning on making a Nyx supercarrier? That's going to involve a heck of a lot of importing, and bringing billions in extra unwanted minerals because you chose the wrong compression blueprint will be pretty wasteful.

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