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Intro Guide To Mineral Compression, Part 1 (EVE Online Guide) - Page 3

Posted Wed, Jan 18, 2012 by Space Junkie

Suitable Blueprints For Compression In EVE Online

The options listed below include the most highly recommended compression blueprints, along with their merits and drawbacks.

Module Blueprints

The large-sized, long-range guns of each race are absolutely fantastic compressors, often squishing minerals down to 1/20th of their size, or better.

Tachyon Beam Laser I, 425mm Railgun I, and 1400mm Howitzer Artillery I: These are all pretty much the best blueprints for macro-scale manufacturing. They include all tech I minerals (that is, all of them except morphite) in ratios that are comparable to those of most big ship hulls. If you are starting up production in a void where there are no minerals available, any of these is a great place to start.

EVE Online

Ammunition Blueprints

Doom Citadel Torpedo: Useful for compressing large amounts of tritanium, along with some pyerite and zydrine.

Purgatory Citadel Torpedo: Involves a wide spectrum of minerals, including relatively similar amounts of pyerite and tritanium. Useful if you need high amounts of both.

Rift Citadel Torpedo: Perhaps the most exceptional option for compressing raw tritanium, which is often the mineral most acutely needed for large-scale industry. This blueprint only makes use of large amounts of tritanium, along with eminently transportable stacks of megacyte and zydrine (see below).

Thor Citadel Torpedo: A fine means of compressing tritanium, which also brings along about 1 pyerite for every 10 tritanium, plus some megacyte and mexallon. I often find myself using thor citadel torpedos to meet particular mineral shortfalls in things like battlecruiser care packages.

The Second Part Of This Guide

Check back in with us later this week for part two. The second half of the guide discusses the transportation, decompression, and practical uses of large amounts of minerals, as well as some tips and tricks for making the whole process more efficient.

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