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Disgusting Oozeling

Location: Silithus, Un’Goro, Winterspring and the Swamp of Sorrows

The name really does said it all; this little black monstrosity is a drop from Oozing Bags which can be looted from the corpses of worms and oozelings across Azeroth in zones like Silithus, Un’Goro, Winterspring and the Swamp of Sorrows. The main talking point of this little oozling is that he has a thing for alcohol, particularly Dark Iron Beer. He’ll even burp! Lovely.

Strand Crawler

Location: Stormwind

Strand Crawlers are little crab-like creatures that you’ll come across on any sandy shore in Azeroth. This particular pet is a drop from the Bag of Shiny Things, the reward from the Fishing Dailies found in Stormwind or, for those with a higher level, in Northrend from the Bag of Fishing Treasures.


Kalimdor, land of Orcs, Tauren and Night Elves has it’s own fair share of interesting pets. You just have to know where to go and what mobs to kill.

Leaping Hatchling

Location: The Barrens

This little dinosaur is a unique little creature just begging to be your companion. Also, just like, the Razormaw Hatchling, the Leaping Hatchling is a guaranteed drop. You just have to head to Takk’s Nest in the Barrens and it drops when you clear out the nest.

auction house

Remember, if you can't be bothered to farm, most world drop pets can be found on the AH for a price.

Ravasaur Hatchling

Location: Un’Goro Crater

While wandering Un’Goro, it’s well worth swinging by the nest of the Ravasaur Matriarch in the south-eastern part of the crater. Go in, kill everything and this green, slightly larger than average dinosaur will be your reward.

Darting Hatchling

Location: Dustwallow Marsh

Similarly, this last dinosaur companion used to be a rare spawn drop but now all you need to do is snuffle around Dart’s Nest in the northern part of Dustwallow Marsh. Easy peasy!

Emerald Whelpling

Location: Feralas

Travellers in Feralas will already know this land is dragon territory, once being home to a portal to the Emerald Dream and it’s twisted green dragon sentinel. The world boss might be gone (unless you do a quest chain) but the children of Ysera remain. To get this guy, just kill Noxious Whelps wherever you find them. If you’re very lucky, the Emerald Whelpling might just drop but be prepared for a long grind.

Sprite Darter Hatchling

Location: Feralas

Once a reward for completing an insanely lengthy Alliance quest chain, the Sprite Darter Hatchling is now available to everyone. All you need to do is kill everything in Feralas and you stand a chance of getting your own little faerie dragon. Awww.

Azure Whelpling

Location: Winterspring

Once upon Vanilla, Winterspring was the province of Haleh, matriarch of the Blue Flight. Getting to her used to involve climbing mountains or creeping through a dragon infested cavern. Adventurers also used to slaughter any whelps and dragonkin they came across for the chance of obtaining an Azure Whelpling. Well, the good news is you can still get one and now at least it’s a little easier. The Azure Whelpling is a zone drop and can be found in the corpse of any mob in Winterspring, if you’re patient enough to grind for it.

Whether you love dinosaurs or just want a parrot to go with your pirate outfit, there are plenty to choose from in Azeroth. Let us know which is your favourite pet or how long it took you to grind it in the comments box.

tried farming the siamese off cookie a few weeks ago and I dont tihnk it drops anymore.
They can be bought in Netherstorm though from a vendor:)

Also...there is a woman near Northshire abbey (the house as you start out- it is straight opposite you after you walk) who sells 3 different varieites of cats

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