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Ten Ways To Prepare For War In EVE Online, Part One (EVE Online Guide) - Page 2

Posted Tue, Jan 31, 2012 by Space Junkie

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Competent corporations will usually have a ship maintenance array or capital ship hanging out in a starbase so that their players are not left completely in a lurch, but you don't want to be reliant on that. In order to maintain your fleet-readiness, purchase several of your PvP-oriented ships and fit them, before your station services are disabled. That way you can get right back into a fight if you are blown up, whether or not there are any fitting service issues.

For players that do not have large enough EVE ISK caches to keep several of their preferred PvP ships, it is still a good idea to outfit several budget ships. Even very new players should be able to afford keeping a handful of tackling frigates on the back burner, just in case. Even in a high-sec war where station services cannot be disabled, it is a good idea to have some spare ships ready.

8. Fit An Escape Ship

In non-wormhole null-sec space, the worst thing that can happen to most players is that their assets end up trapped in a station that they have lost the ability to dock in. Usually, this is because the new station owners decide to keep their enemies out, though sometimes it is because one's corporation dissolves or leaves the alliance. When this happens, players usually end up docked in a station with a not-inconsiderable portion of their belongings, deciding what they want to sell locally (often at cut prices) and what they are willing to risk getting blown up in an escape attempt.

To offset this risk, consider buying and fitting one of the many EVE ships that are capable of warping while cloaked, be it a covert ops, stealth bomber, or blockade runner. This way, if and when your alliance loses access to your home station, you have a ship that can survive the rigors of null-sec travel while carrying a good amount of your goods. Alternatively, if you are rich enough to keep a capital vessel on hand, that would probably be the safest, surest way of getting your high-value goods out. Most players should still be able to haul out a respectable of high-value, low-volume stuff with just a humble cov-ops, though.

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EVE Market Preparations

7. Mass-Purchase Reasonably Priced Goods

In peace time, well-used null-sec markets tend to regulate themselves. Popular goods will be available at inflated prices, and if someone buys out the market on an item, there will shortly be an influx of new goods to replace them. During war time, the lines of supply often get muddled, with travel and transportation being increasingly risky. In such times, the market starves. Shortages can happen even with the most basic modules and minerals. Tritanium ends up costing 10 ISK per unit, tech I modules cost millions of ISK, and EVE ship hull costs double. Usually, the market remains fubared until a lengthy spate of peace occurs or a serious industrialist decides to reseed it at reasonable prices.

Because of these market hiccups, and what might be called "economic warfare" where attackers will buy out the market of critical items, then sell them at incredibly inflated prices, it is better to switch to a wartime economy early. As soon as you have reason to believe your space is getting hit, buy big piles of reasonably priced items and minerals before there is a real shortage. Not only will you be well prepared when war comes, the local merchants will rush to replace their bought out goods, resulting in there being more total material resources in the area than otherwise. When things start getting desperate on the market, you can sell your accumulated goods at a price much lower than the people trying to gouge, but still at a profitable markup that prevents easy enemy buyouts and allows you to earn some ISK for your consideration.

Overall, hardening against enemy economic warfare and shortages is more of an art than a science. Experiment, go with what works, and don't sweat the stuff that doesn't since it is all a learning experience.

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